Vita Nuova Italian Sauce
Vita Nuova means authentic flavor
Taste authentic. Taste Vita Nouva.
Our History
Over 80 years ago in a small Italian village, Chef Nicolo Giordiano created a true tomato masterpiece. Using only the finest ingredients, the unique sauce quickly garnered fame among village locals and became known as Vita Nuova-the most delicious and finest tomato sauce ever created, bringing new life to every meal.

In 1927, when Vita Nuova Tomato Basil was created, preservatives did not exist. Professional and home Chefs alike only had natural ingredients at their disposal. Today, we our proud to carry on the Vita Nuova name and tradition by placing great emphasis on utilizing the exact pure and simple ingredients used to create our exquisite Tomato Basil Sauce. From our tomatoes to our spices, every ingredient is hand picked and scrutinized to achieve the same wonderful taste in every serving. None of our products contain artificial colors, trans fat, additives or extenders.

We are fully committed to providing today's home chefs with natural products that enable them to create simple or exotic entrees in minimal time without sacrificing taste or quality. While our portfolio of products is expanding, our tradition remains the same.

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